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The Site

P22-0147_01 Site Location Plan[87].jpg

The site is located to the East of the A5183, in close proximity to the Horse & Jockey PH, Kenworth. The site area is marked on the Site Plan (to the right) and will involve the introduction of the Charging/Fuelling Station itself adjacent to the highway, and the accompanying Solar Farm, required to generate renewable energy for the site, and the associated battery storage facility, being introduced to the land set further back from the highway.

This section of the A5183 includes the Horse & Jockey PH, the Premier Inn, commercial storage operations and a Traveller site, all of which are easily apparent from the highway. Electricity pylons are visible in the landscape beyond the highway, albeit an existing Solar Farm, which is adjacent to part of the site, is screened from the A5183. Whilst the open fields to the west of the A5183 are readily apparent when using the highway, a strong hedgerow boundary along much of the eastern edge of this stretch of the highway means that views in an easterly direction are not as apparent.

The site lies primarily within Central Bedfordshire District, albeit the southern most field of the proposed Solar Farm lies within Dacorum.  As a result of this, both Councils have been advised of the proposed scheme through pre-application submissions.

With regards planning policy designations, the site lies within the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and those parts within Central Bedfordshire are designated Green Belt.  Such designations warrant very careful consideration of the impact that the proposed scheme will have, as has been and will be covered in detailed submissions to the Council(s).

There are no heritage assets or designated ecological sites within the site area and it lies within Flood Zone 1 (the area least likely to flood).

Viewpoint Photographs
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