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Our Proposals

Cafe Work

The following details are those that have been put forward for pre-application consideration by the Council(s), and also to obtain local community feedback.  They may be amended prior to the submission of the final planning

application in response to feedback received, or in response to

ongoing survey work being undertaken.

The proposed development comprises three main components. First, an Electric and Hydrogen Vehicle Charging / Fuelling Service Station. 

Second, a ground mounted solar farm.  Third, a battery storage system. 

When combined it is estimated that capacity of the solar farm and

batteries would be circa. 26 megawatts (MW).

A Land Use Plan, showing the various components across the site can be seen below;

P22-0147_01A Detailed Land Use Plan  (1).jpg
P22-0147_01A Detailed Land Use Plan  (1).jpg
Electric Car Battery Charging

The Vehicle Charging / Fuelling Service Station would comprise;

  • Construction of a new access off the A5183


  • 5 medium, 10 rapid and 10 ultra-rapid charging points, in addition to fast chargers, allowing up to 26 EV cars to charge at any one time



  • 5 bays for Hyrdogen vehicles – expected to be primarily HGVs initially


  • Two single storey buildings, set back from the highway, offering public conveniences, food, drink and small retail unit.


  • Associated parking and infrastructure works, including drainage miigation

An indicative layout has been prepared for the Service Station, shown below.

P22-0147_01E EV Hub Layout.jpg
P22-0147_01E EV Hub Layout copy.jpg
Solar Panels

The solar farm element of the scheme would comprise;

  • The introduction of photovoltaic (PV) panels, connected to form arrays.  To be fixed on a metal framework mounted on piles driven into the ground, with a height of up to 3m.

  • PV arrays being introduced to two main areas, currently consisting of fields used for grazing between the A5183 and Millfield Lane.  The two areas are directly to the north and south of an existing Solar Farm to the west of Millfield Lane.

  • Various single storey structures to enable the operation of the Solar Farm including a number of inverters/transformers.

  • Security fencing, set away from the established hedgerows, which would allow for public footpath access across the site to be retained.

Charging an Electric Car

The battery storage element of the scheme would comprise;

  • Up to 6 containers located adjacent to the EV charging station, within a fenced compound for safety, security and visual impact reasons.

Electricity generated by the solar farm would be stored in the proposed batteries, with energy being released to serve the EV charging station and Hydrogen Fuelling facility as required.  The batteries will increase the operational flexibility of the proposed solar farm, allowing for the sites operation through renewable energy through day and night.  Energy will also be released to the local electricity grid.

Ecology surveys have and will continue to take place to assist in designing ecological enhancements to the site that will enable Biodiversity Net Gain.  Such proposals will form part of the subsequent planning application and could include additional trees or hedgerows being introduced and enhancement of habitats through planting and site management.

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